The Best Way to Postpone Your Event

Sometimes things happen that will get in the way of your upcoming event. With the recent health concerns, this may be an issue you are currently experiencing.

A well-done cancellation can actually showcase the integrity of yourself and your event.

So if your goal is to ensure quality service and hospitality, here's how to follow through:

Keep Open Communication with your Guests

If you're sure you have to cancel your event, the first important step is to communicate with your guests.

The more notice you can give your guests, the better. If you can manage to give your guests at least 24 hours, you're doing well. It's best to make a phone call rather than email or text.

It's never ideal to have to cancel an event, but it can result in a wonderful event in the future.

From new brides & grooms to a baby shower, anniversary celebration, or a thirteen-year-old celebrating their bar mitzvah, don't fret! Keeping your loved ones safe is important, and your upcoming event is important too! So hold off and find comfort in the fact that all of your guests will be healthy and able to celebrate with you.

Your guests will appreciate your caution and will be just as happy to celebrate with you! So cheers to wholesome, healthy gatherings to CELEBRATE!